Glorious Resin Jewelry Encapsulate the Majestic Beauty of the Real World

We often wish we can harness the grandeur of this organic universe and carry its attractiveness where we move. While this is but a fantasy, there are approaches to encapsulate that sense through what that we wear. Miha Debeljak of Wood All Good produces wood and wood resin jewelry that is "in harmony with character" Accessible as rings or pendants, the bits are vibrant, statement-making accessories inspired by locales from the actual world. The depths of this ocean, a mossy forest, and also the expansive galaxy certainly are included within transparent geometric shapes effortlessly fused with timber. It appears like some of this magic of Earth was caught only for us.

Debeljak's resin jewelry includes glass-like characteristics that produce a shiny and lustrous finish. Many times, they comprise embedded pieces of true lichen or flecks of steel. When they capture the lighting, the outcome is a stunning and swirling sight. For these, he will add sparkles to your purplish-blue base.

h/t So Super Awesome

Miha Debeljak of this store Wood All Great creates beautiful timber and resin jewelry which encapsulates the attractiveness of Earth. In the galaxy...