P-06’s Megalithic Gallery Exhibition in Portugal

The idea of the exhibition layout project for its new megalithic museum situated in Mora, Portugal is that the 3D build up of a scenography motivated by the technical markers produced by archaeologists to set their own archaeological excavations. The exhibition layout is designed in close partnership with Site Specific Architecture Studio, along with the memorial building is made by CVDB Arquitectos.

The primary zone - demonstration - introduces the people to the display, also, because of the inclined slope may also be utilized as auditorium by instructors or tour guides to make presentations to a small crowd. The next zone - a lifestyle - has two distinct compartments which resemble dwellings. These chambers are utilized to describe the lifespan of a person in this historical period. The next zone - death has a round shape, motivated from the interior area of a dolmen, where the visitor may experience what is this sort of spaces. Additionally, there are two niches comprising a realistic design of the sort of structures made now in this specific zone, in addition to a sensible figure of a person of the historic period. The fourth and final zone - beholding - includes a closed room for movie projections, in addition to a stair entrance, to the high amount of this wooden construction, for your visitor to have the ability to behold the entire exhibition room from over.

The surrounding black partitions possess visual communicating regarding the museum, to provide the visitor a better comprehension of the whole context of the display.