Wooden Lamp With Suspended in the Air Switch

This lamp is breaking away from traditions, with a switch in mid-air. Its unusual design brings magic into your life. Allocacoc DesignNest is helping designers to understand their product ideas into the market. Li Zan Wen, a Chinese designer came up with the HENG Balance Lamp. “HENG” is Chinese for Balance. The wooden balls in the plain wooden frame are used as a light switch. The way of pulling the switch is caused by the old “pulling switches” in our childhood memories. The design is based on the traditional Chinese round fans and window frames. The lights are placed inside the ring-shaped frame and when you turn the lights on, the frame will lit, forming an airy Zen feeling. It will bring comfort to a boring and dull life; it shapes interaction between you and the product. A high-quality beech wood material is preferred because it serves the warm feeling of nature. Heng Balance Lamp is put on Kickstarter to get it funded and to realize HENG!

Via Allocacoc DesignNest