Zerobody: Relax In The Dry Pool

Starpool, a company that designs spas, co-operated with Neocogita, a brain wellness research company, to design a bed that allows you to feel like you’re floating. Known as a dry bed or pool, it’s basically a heated waterbed that offers the benefits of immersion tanks, reducing your body weight, without the need of having to get wet. During the floating experience, the body stops monitoring body temperature and gravitational structure. The body is then free to produce endorphins, which inhibit the transmission of pain signals in the body and sometimes create a feeling of euphoria. Listening to specially designed meditation sessions by NU RELAX, allows you to feel complete calmness. Named Zerobody , it has been produced by Cristiano Mino and is a minimalist, upholstered design, intended for workplaces and spas. There’s even the option to choose what color you want to surround you.