Alexander Khokhlov

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Alexander Khokhlov, based in the vibrant city of London since 2012, has been painting the canvas of conceptual portraiture with a unique palette. His photographs are a symphony of graphics, minimalism, and captivating shapes, often playing with optical illusions to challenge the viewer’s perception. The defining characteristic of his work is the seamless integration of simplicity and complexity—crafting images that draw the eye and engage the mind.

A Fusion of Art and Luxury

The compelling nature of Khokhlov’s work has not gone unnoticed by the purveyors of luxury. His artistic contributions have enhanced the brand identity of notable high-end clients such as Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, and Four Seasons Hotels, as well as the seafaring majesty of Royal Caribbean International. These collaborations are a testament to his ability to translate brand narratives into visual spectacles.

Creative Force in Advertising

Beyond the realm of still imagery, Alexander and his dynamic team delve into the creative production of advertising campaigns. Their innovative approach has led to successful partnerships with leading agencies, delivering compelling images that speak volumes for brands and captivate audiences worldwide.

The Canine Chronicles

In the world of pet photography, Alexander, along with his wife Veronica, has ventured into a project close to their hearts—The Dog Show. This project transcends mere photography; it is an exploration of the canine world, capturing not just the beauty of various breeds but also their distinct emotions and personalities. Their skill in this niche was internationally recognized with the prestigious Grand Prix of the Rangefinder Creatures photography competition in 2019 and the PDN Faces Award.

Clientele of Note

Khokhlov’s client list is as diverse as it is prestigious, serving as a mirror to his versatile talent. It includes:

  • Pet Nutrition and Care: Pedigree, Whiskas, Nature’s Table, Solid Gold Pet Foods
  • Broadcasting and Education: CGTN World, SVA Zurich
  • Puzzle and Game Manufacturing: Trefl
  • Hospitality Giants: Hilton, Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria
  • Luxury Cruise Liners: Royal Caribbean
  • National Postal Service: Austrian Post

Key Takeaways

  • Alexander Khokhlov is a celebrated photographer who’s been shaping the concept of portraiture with graphic and minimalist designs since 2012.
  • His artistry has been interwoven with the branding of luxurious entities and has marked its presence in both terrestrial and nautical bastions of luxury.
  • Alexander’s acumen extends into the advertising domain, bringing together creative minds to produce visually arresting campaigns.
  • "The Dog Show" project, co-created with his wife Veronica, has bagged international accolades, making a mark in the specialized field of pet photography.
  • His distinguished client list is a testament to his versatility and the high demand for his unique vision in various industries.

Alexander Khokhlov emerges not only as a photographer but as an artist and a visionary, whose camera lens focuses on the broader canvas of creative possibilities. Each project is a narrative, a story unfurling through the interplay of light and shadow, shape and space, reality and illusion. His journey continues to inspire and redefine the essence of modern photography.

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