Guy Aroch

Originally hailing from Israel, Guy Aroch moved to the United States in 1988 and has since established himself as a prominent fashion and celebrity photographer based in New York City. He also maintains a professional presence in Paris, splitting his time and work between the two global fashion capitals.

Born in Israel, Guy Aroch's early life was profoundly influenced by his surroundings, which eventually led him to explore the world of photography. Israel, known for its diverse landscapes and rich history, served as an inspirational backdrop for his initial artistic endeavors. However, in 1988, he made the significant decision to immigrate to the United States in pursuit of broader opportunities in the field of photography.

Upon his arrival in New York City, Aroch found himself amidst the bustling creativity and boundless opportunities that the city had to offer. NYC, often considered the epicenter of fashion, art, and culture, provided the ideal platform for Aroch to showcase his talents. He quickly gained recognition for his distinctive style, which blends traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. His portfolio rapidly grew to include work with high-profile fashion labels, renowned magazines, and a long list of celebrities.

Over the years, Guy Aroch has continued to evolve as an artist. His work is known for its emotional depth, capturing the nuances of human expression and the intricacies of fabric and form. He often plays with lighting, shadow, and composition to create visually striking images that leave a lasting impression. The use of film and digital mediums allows him to vary his approach, giving each project a unique touch. His artistry has earned him various awards and a place in prestigious exhibitions.

Though New York City remains his primary base of operations, Aroch also spends a significant amount of time working in Paris. The French capital, known for its iconic fashion houses and a rich history of art and photography, serves as another source of inspiration for Aroch. In Paris, he collaborates with European designers and engages in projects that often take on a distinctly European flair.

In summary, Guy Aroch is an Israeli-American photographer specializing in fashion and celebrity photography who made the move from Israel to the United States in 1988. He has built a successful career based mainly in New York City, but also maintains a working presence in Paris. With his unique style that melds conventional and contemporary elements, Aroch has carved out a niche for himself in the competitive fields of fashion and celebrity photography, earning both critical acclaim and a high-profile clientele.

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