Kien Lam

Kien Lam is a photographer, filmmaker and storyteller. He has been fortunate enough to capture some of the most beautiful moments in people's lives with his camera. Kien enjoys documenting these precious memories through photography and video footage.

He is also an avid traveler who spends as much time as possible exploring new places around the world. When he can't travel, Kien likes to explore his own backyard by hiking in the mountains or going for a walk on the beach - anything that allows him to take in more beauty from nature.

Kien was born in a refugee camp on the island of Lantau in Hong Kong. His parents were part of a group of Vietnamese migrants who left a country forever changed by a war they wanted no part of. Under the cover of darkness, they quietly hid on a fishing trawler that would make a perilous journey over 1000 miles in hopes of finding safety and refuge somewhere. Their unlikely voyage brought them from Vietnam to Hong Kong to the Philippines before eventually settling them in 1980’s California. Here, Kien's mom would stay home to take care of him and his sister while his dad worked 12 hours per day.


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