Wanjin GIM

WanJin GIM is a Korean artist who has been working and living in Seoul for the past few years. He started his career under the name Willeys, but later switched to Wanjin when he realized that it better suited him as an artist. His passion for drawing began at a young age- after graduating from animation school, he found himself drawn more towards filmmaking than animating because of how unfulfilling 3D art seemed to be on its own without any motion-captured movement or sound accompanying it. After some time spent practicing painting with other artists anywhere they could find space (including abandoned buildings, his desire became clear: he wanted nothing else than pursue this path as long as possible!

He has been fascinated with Lucian Freud’s work. He dedicates all his talent and fantasy to painting nudes in an abstract manner, evoking elegant sensuality through the use of various shades that human skin can have. The recent works are perfect matches between conceptual art and abstraction as they express spiritual dimensions beyond physical bodies.

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