The World’s Renowned Couture Designer Reimagines Chinese Folklore As As High Fashion

As one of the world's most renowned Chinese couture designers, Guo Pei produces show-stopping ensembles that combine grand opulence with theatrical vision. The designer's bejeweled gowns, headpieces, and sculptural shoes were recently styled and photographed by HOWL Collective, who made a series of shots in celebration of the style visionary. Released by Rizzoli for a monograph, the HOWL group's 122 fairytale shots (titled Guo Pei -- Couture Beyond) offer insight into Pei's incredible layouts and their relationship with ancient Chinese civilization.

HOWL Collective announced,"The first major book on China's leading couture visionary shows the intricate craftsmanship and imperial glamour that has fashion books worldwide announcing Guo Pei's creation the Empire's new clothes'" The series includes pictures from themed preferences that portray various mythical narratives such as Legend of the Dragon and One Thousand and Two Nights.

The stunning images feature models wearing Pei's garments, portrayed as characters from Chinese folklore. Glamorous queens in royal dresses stand one of otherworldly castle grounds, and pixie-like characters in glittering costumes ramble through mythical woods. Additional studio shots of these garments showcase their ornate details--elegant silhouettes are adorned with elaborate embroidery layouts, fur trims, and hand-sewn beads.

You can browse through more of HOWL Collective's jobs in their site and purchase the Guo Pei -- Couture Beyond photobook on Amazon.