Traditional Chinese Paintings On Sculptures Of Human Body Parts By Peng Wei

Beijing-based artist Peng Wei areas traditional Chinese painting on rice paper to make modern sculptures of individual legs, shoes, and torsos. These paper-cast works exhibit scenes of the natural and domestic, such as lush gardens, animals, and interiors of Chinese houses. Peng has been disturbed by the adoption of Western styles of clothing by Chinese ladies. By painting classical Chinese themes on Western sneakers and other fashion-related items, Peng intends to deny the decrease of China‘s cultural heritage to rapid globalization.

Peg was born in Chengdu in 1974 and graduated in the Eastern artwork department of Nankai University with a BA in Literature and an MA in Philosophy. Her works have been collected from the National Art Museum of China, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the Guangdong Art Museum, and a Lot More global collections. You can view more of Peng’s paintings and sculptures on Artsy.

h/t Lustik