Hacks to cut fruit & veg like a pro

Fruit and veg thumb

Whether you’re a cooking newbie or a seasoned home chef, chances are your food-prep chopping techniques could be improved. Daniel Scott Kitchens have put together a series of images showing step-by-step hacks to help you cut fruit and veg like a pro. 

With food waste continually in the news, these tips go beyond being just a handy set of tips – knowing how to chop things properly means less of it ends up in the bin! Learn how to up your fruit and veg chopping skills below. 

Juice a lime

8 juice a lime

Deseed a pomegranate

7 deseed pomegranate

Slice a mango

6 slice mango

Chop a pineapple

5 chop pineapple

Dice a butternut squash

3 dice butternut squash

Slice cherry tomatoes

1 slice tomatoes

Chop fennel

4 chop fennel

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