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How Adaptogenic Mushrooms Improve Exercise Performance and Brain Function

Throughout recent years, adaptogenic mushrooms have gained popularity within the health and fitness industries.

In fact, you’ve likely noticed an increase in dietary supplements that list mushroom blends or extracts on the ingredient list. But do these mushrooms offer genuine health benefits, and should you start adding them to your diet?

Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Their Benefits

Adaptogenic mushrooms are types of mushrooms that may help to reduce stress levels. 

To do this, the adaptogens in specific mushrooms increase the body’s defense against types of stress – whether that be physical or chemical. As a result, the body can continue to function normally, even when stressors are present.

Since stress occurs in many forms, certain adaptogenic mushrooms focus on decreasing one main form of stress, rather than reducing stress in general.

Cordyceps, for example, shows evidence of improving the body’s response to physical stress. One study found that consuming the mushroom helped to reduce fatigue levels after high altitude training. More research indicated that Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms may also reduce stress caused by overtraining. These factors all help to improve exercise performance and could prolong workout endurance.

Lion’s mane is another popular adaptogenic mushroom that focuses more on neurological and mental stress. 

Some studies have found that consuming the best Lion’s mane supplements can reduce internal inflammation and may even reverse the damage that stress can inflict on BDNF – a special protein that is essential for brain function.

Because of this, Lion’s mane may improve cognitive function, even under stressful conditions. As a result, this might also reduce the likelihood of suffering from stress-related anxiety or depression.

How To Increase Your Intake

The easiest way to increase your intake of adaptogenic mushrooms is to add a quality mushroom blend supplement to your daily diet. By selecting a clean, additive-free supplement, you can be confident of what you’re putting into your body. 

Naked Recovery is a premium adaptogen powder that makes it easy and convenient to consume mushrooms on a regular basis. 

The supplement’s blend of six adaptogenic mushrooms – which includes Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi – helps to balance physical and cognitive stress while also promoting optimal exercise recovery. Added lemon balm extract and tart cherry further enhance stress management and promote cognitive wellbeing.