Incredibly Detailed Pies by Karin Pfeiff Boschek

These pies have transformed the category of baked dishes and have shot right into the domain of art! The layouts are so accurate; it's hard to believe it is likely to eat them, too.

Made by Karin Pfeiff Bosche, each pie is a masterful mix of traditional pie recipes and eye-catching layouts. Each pie resembles art! However, no surprises there-- along with being a pie master, Boschek is also an artist and photographer. Of course, she seems so at home creating these amazing designs.

Her work stars classic recipes like German apple and cherry pie. Sure, the toppers on these babies need a critical quantity of attention, but that's just part of the procedure.

"This dish was a lot of work, but I believe that it was worth it, " Boschek wrote of her "Leaves and Roses" pie that featured four handmade bread roses and dozens of hand-shaped leaves. And after viewing the final item, we can't help but agree. Worthwhile.

Want to learn more of Boschek's work? She owns a food blog over here with all the features on those delicious creations.

h/t Our Delicious Food