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1 way to solve 3 problems: Ayurvedic medicine

All of us have some kind of health problem. All of these exhausting doctor visits without any results. All of those meaningless treatments cause more issues.  I'm not even talking about the necessity to find a good doctor to cure resentments.

Ayurveda — is an alternative medicine from India. This hidden treasure of medicine was founded 5000 y.o. and helped a lot of people. Balance yourself with Alveda and ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic doctors from Alveda are more than your regular doctors. They look at the core of a problem and not just curing symptoms. Meditation, medical herbs, diet. All of these are legit ways to treat half of the known resentments. 


Balance is all that  Ayurveda services are about. How do we know our systems are all connected? If we treat only one system, the other one will still affect your health in a bad way. A complex solution is the only right choice. Find your Dosha balance, freshen your body, restore your mind, and fulfill your spirit. Let Alveda help you!

Body, mind, and spirit

Unlike modern medicine, which is very limited by classifications. An ayurvedic cure is directed to your body, mind, and spirit as a whole. Of course, it divides different symptoms, but it is still more about preventive and holistic treatment than curing one particular disease.


Dosha is a possible health problem. Mostly it depends on your body type, diet, exposures, and Prakriti, in other words, your inborn parameters. So, to treat any health problem, you need to balance your dosha:

There are three Doshas:

  • Vata — representing elements of Akasha and Vayu -  Air, fast and windy. Creative but unfocused. They mostly have thin and dry body types.
  • Pitta — representing elements of Agni and Jala. Fire,  sharp and smart. Goal-oriented but often too proud of themselves. Their bodies are usually muscular or soft.
  • Kapha — representing elements of Prithvi and Jala. Earth, strong perfectionists. Good and empathic by nature. Wide and chubby bodies are what they are born with.

Also, there are combinations of each one Dosha, like Pitta-Vata, or Kapha-Pitta, and all of them depend on your lifestyle. You can not change your dominant dosha, but you can improve dosha that’s low in you, or weaken dosha that is too strong. Everything is up to you. Get yourself an ayurvedic consultation right now!


When a question is about our body, we always try to support it in one or another way. You pay for your health and well-being, Ayurvedic doctors want to help you and make it acceptable for both sides.

Visit the doctor —  starting with 10 bucks, then choose your monthly or yearly subscription. Ayurvedic doctors are staying with you throughout and they are interested and keeping you healthy, not coming to them only when sick. 

There are also goal-orientated packages to treat your particular disease:

  • Obesity treatment package
  • Diabetes treatment package
  • Post- Covid rejuvination package
  • Allergy treatment package


In conclusion, consider ayurveda online consultation as a new way of dealing with resentments. It can be different from western medicine, but Alveda knows what is better for your health. They healed thousands of people all around the world.