Illustrator shows Baby Yoda on a junk food diet

For the past few months, Baby Yoda became the most iconic character on the Internet. His huge breakthrough started shortly after “The Mandalorian” show release. He did great onscreen debut that made a massive impact on people and brought them lots of joy. Illustrator J. Shari Ewing, who also likes to makes people happy, decided to use this specific figure and make Baby Yoda the main character of his drawings. In her imagination, the author sees Baby Yoda as a connoisseur of junk food. On his lovely portraits, Ewing presents the Baby Yoda with lots of delicious candies such as churros, ice creams, and waffles, but also with some salty snacks like pizza, popcorn, pickles, and even chicken nugget. Because of Ewing’s original artwork was awe-inspiring and captured the eyes of his followers, she decided to expand the field of action and ask her followers what they want to see next. To fulfill their request, the author creates a series of new images, and as she emphasizes that many of these are inspired by food that you can get at Disneyland. Ewing’s paintings are very eye-friendly. Baby Yoda is smiling at them and greedily absorbing subsequent portions of food. Besides, light pink background and pastel colors make the reception more pleasant. The author reveals that she is ready to spice up the Baby Yoda series. Our little character is going to enjoy some more savory foods. If you are interested, you can shop for the original artwork on the Etsy shop