Paco Pomet’s Celestial Exploration: A Journey Through Sun and Moon

  • Paco Pomet's latest monograph, "Celestial," showcases his unique fascination with the sun and moon in 29 paintings from 2017-2022.
  • The artwork merges satirical and absurdist elements, using celestial bodies as metaphors for human experiences and societal issues.
  • Pomet's work speaks to themes of time, space, and the human condition, challenging viewers with its profound symbolism.
  • "Celestial" is available for purchase, highlighting Pomet’s innovative artistry.

Paco Pomet, a renowned artist, has consistently captivated audiences with his unique portrayal of celestial bodies in his art. His latest offering, a limited-edition monograph titled "Celestial," is a testament to this enduring fascination. The collection, featuring 29 remarkable paintings created between 2017 and 2022, serves as a vivid exploration of the sun and moon's metaphorical significance in reflecting the human condition.

The Sun and Moon in Pomet's Artistry

Pomet's paintings are characterized by their striking use of the sun and moon to illuminate otherwise subdued scenes. These celestial bodies are not just background elements but are central to the narrative of each piece. In works like “Encounter” and “On the Road,” we witness the integration of these elements with everyday scenes, creating a surreal yet poignant commentary on modern life.

“Melancholy Surgery Unit”

Symbolism and Satire in "Celestial"

The monograph "Celestial" is a rich tapestry of satirical and absurdist imagery. Pomet uses celestial bodies as powerful metaphors to comment on the cyclical nature of human pursuits and failures. His art delves into themes such as unchecked capitalism, environmental concerns, and moral dilemmas, all under the overarching symbols of the sun and moon.

a building covered in snow
“After Hours”

Artistic Philosophy and Influence

Paco Pomet's approach to art is deeply philosophical. He sees the sun and moon as entities that transcend mere celestial bodies, embodying concepts of time, space, and the human experience. His works invite viewers to ponder the profound implications of these symbols in our lives, echoing sentiments of mystery and boundless influence.

“La Llegada”

Availability and Further Exploration

For enthusiasts and collectors, "Celestial" is currently available for purchase in Pomet’s shop. The artist's commitment to exploring the depth of human experience through celestial symbolism is also evident in his wider body of work, accessible for further exploration on platforms like Instagram.


Paco Pomet's "Celestial" is more than a collection of paintings; it is a journey through the artist's introspective and imaginative mind. His work challenges us to see beyond the ordinary, contemplating the larger forces at play in our lives and society. This monograph is not just an artistic endeavor but a philosophical exploration, making it a must-have for art lovers and thinkers alike.

“On the Road”
a large room
“An Ending”
a sign on the side of a snow covered mountain