Daniel Martin Diaz: Uniting the Cosmos and Consciousness in Art

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  • Daniel Martin Diaz’s art blends nature, science, perception, and the arcane into a reflective narrative on humanity’s physical and metaphysical aspects.
  • His work features diagrammatical compositions with a style reminiscent of early scientific or medical illustrations, incorporating elements like geometry, astronomy, and human anatomy.
  • His artwork is currently exhibited at The New Salon in the Asheville Art Museum, showcasing a contemporary view alongside other artists.

The base philosophy of the practice by Daniel Martin Diaz combines nature, science, perception, and the arcane. This is according to the Tucson-based artist, “the art serves as a mirror to humanity, a narrative medium delving into the physical and metaphysical realms.

The diagrammatical compositions in Diaz’s works are very varied and find parallels in an aesthetic we most closely connect with early scientific or medical publications and their detailed black-and-white illustration. Charting, geometry, astronomical phenomena, architecture, and the human body are among the subjects he intermingles into his orderly if at times surreal, visual constructions.

The artist describes his work as “a quest to articulate the ineffable,” referring to the unsaid contrasts with the forces of the universe through which everything and everybody is connected. He is into quiet reflection on “the implications of technology for the future of humanity and our collective responsibility to the world and each other” through vivid, illustrative pieces.

If in North Carolina, one can find Diaz’s work through August 19 at The New Salon: A Contemporary View in the Asheville Art Museum with works from Kumkum Fernando, Caitlin McCormack, and Ravi Zupa, among many others.

Read more on his website where Diaz has got the puzzles, card decks, and books to sell and keep track of updates on Instagram.

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