Portraits full of colors and delicate lines by Martin Satí

Showing the complexity of humanity is very difficult. Martin Satí decided to use the power of colors and delicate lines to portrait people's faces. He is a Hispanic illustrator based in Sevilla. His craft is so exact and perfect so that you can compare it to sculpture's work. Martin smoothes the sharp edges. The heavy drops of colors that he uses form the light on a cheek or eyelid, or mouth. The swirly marks, which he does, give an influential factor. Through implied movement, the mighty pieces of art capture the person's spirit and its temporary emotions.
Sati explains that his "material is very liquidy and is tough to form but at the same time is very wealthy in movement and energy." He says that making those pieces is a similar job as when an artisan works with ceramics. He models the colors with lines of movement to reach an optimal level of detail.