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How to Remodel Your Kitchen (Almost) Stress-Free

Undertaking any home renovation project can be stressful. Sometimes taking weeks or even months, it’s hard not to feel displaced or disrupted when you can’t go about your usual daily routine. This is especially true if the room being remodeled is your kitchen. While beds can be easily relocated, ovens and refrigerators are pretty much […] More

3 Reasons Flowers Are Great for Mental Health

Flower power, besides being a movement in the 1970s in America, is also just the general power of flowers as healing agents. Flowers are amazing for many reasons, not just their outward beauty. They are a perfect symbol of life, with their cycle of birth, growth, and decay. They are an important reminder that life, […] More

How Office Design Can Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Stress has reached epidemic proportions. Not only are stressful work environments having an impact on the mental health of employees, but it also has a knock-on effect on productivity as well. Researchers conclude that employees at companies that create an innovative and healthy office environment are happier. Subsequently, they are more productive. When people are […] More

Four Ways CBD Oil Can Benefit Your Health

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Recently, it has been the subject of extensive research, thanks to its various medical applications. But, it’s not just the therapeutic abilities of CBD that have added to its popularity in recent years. Since the compound is also non-psychoactive, meaning that […] More

Albert Dros’ New Aerial Photos of Iceland Looks Like a Series of Paintings

Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros took to the skies of Iceland to catch some incredible aerial pictures. The result is an exhibition ‘Paintings in the Sky’ is a rich mixture of abstract landscape photography which shows off the bewitching color and light from the Icelandic environment. With the support of Haraldur Diego, Dros managed to […] More

Top 4 Beautiful Places Around the World

There are some absolutely extraordinary cities around the world, all with something unique to offer. If you enjoy the party lifestyle, while still getting to experience a slice of history, then Berlin is definitely the city for you. If you prefer a more laid back atmosphere, then one of the Italian islands might provide just […] More

A Russian Artist Reimagines Superheroes in Their Old Ages

They say legends never die — but they do get older. Well, have you ever wondered how your favorite movie characters or superheroes would look like when they got old? Russian artist Lesya Guseva guessed just that — at a collection of illustrations called”Pensioners” she taken renowned Marvel, DC and Disney characters gave them a […] More