Airplane Etiquette: How to Be a Good Flight Passenger

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Have you ever been irritated during your flight? Most people have! There are so many things that passengers do during the flight that annoys other passengers. Unfortunately, they never know it. Here are a few scenarios that you might have found yourself in that made your flight very uncomfortable:

  • The person in the middle seat is hugging all the arm space.
  • The kid sitting behind you is kicking your seat and throwing a tantrum.
  • The person in front of you is watching the same movie you’re in, but unfortunately, they are ahead of you, and they ruin the movie for you one frame at a time.

There are several other annoying experiences that most of us have been in that had the potential to ruin our flight. But then, what about the flights that you’ve ruined for others? To make sure you’re never one of the people making the other passengers wish they had taken a different flight, here are some simple tips to be a good flight passenger. You can call them airplane etiquette.

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

Stay in your lane.

The window seat on flights isn’t just coveted for the view, although that’s one of the major reasons. Another reason is the fact that you get a little bit of freedom. Nothing frees your mind from the invasive and space-occupying habits of your neighbor than staring at the clouds and letting your mind wander. This brings us to our first point. Don’t be the person that hugs all the space in your row.

Unless you’re in business or first class, airplane seats are pretty small. Most of us are just looking forward to getting it over with. Try to keep your things and body parts to yourself as much as you can, and maybe we can all get home without hating anyone.

Photo by Killian Pham on Unsplash

Get your children to behave well.

This tip could also be called “Don’t make your children someone else’s responsibility.” Every parent knows that children misbehave from time to time. It’s a part of the growing process. We certainly can’t blame them for doing so. After all, we all did it, too. However, we can’t use that as an excuse to let them do whatever they want.

The most effective strategy for getting children to calm down and behave is to give them what they want. They believe that throwing a tantrum will help them get their way, and they are right. Help the other passengers out, and give your child the peanuts or whatever else they are clamoring for.

Photo by Steven Coffey on Unsplash

Unfortunately, sometimes, this isn’t an option. In these situations, another option is to negotiate. You can promise your child something in return for their good behavior. It could be a new toy or some candy. This is also known to be quite effective, especially with younger children. If all else fails, try distracting them. Thankfully, smartphones are a part of our lives now, and you can easily distract your child with cartoons on your phone. Whatever you do, always make sure you’re not the reason other passengers aren’t enjoying the flight.


As you can see, you don’t have to attend the AZ flight school to be a good flight passenger. If you want better in-flight experiences, remember that the change starts with you.