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Tim Tadder’s new projects about the state of America’s democracy and current events

Whether weaving intricate stories for adventurous brands or reflecting on personal considerations and concerns, Tim Tadder shares absorbing tales about society and contemporary culture through his lens. He does this by capturing viewers' attention with powerful images that are profoundly saturated in color while staying true to their surroundings. This photographer has given photographic form to everyone from epic indoor skydivers who spend hours suspended thousands of feet off the ground like Spiderman, all underlined by a crisp color palette; even astronauts who have been captured jumping up into space beams as if they're embracing clouds themselves!

Artist Tadder is known for his politically-charged artwork that questions the state of America's democracy. His recent personal project, titled "Nothing to See," seeks to compel viewers to break free from political and media narratives to reflect on social currents with fresh eyes while also drawing attention through powerful imagery and vibrant use of color. Meanwhile, for 'United States of Purple,' Tadder searched for moments that embody a persistence in integrity and unity - suggesting how "a resilience to these fundamental notions" would be the actual test of where we stand as citizens. 

At a crucial time for the nation to unite, I hope this collection encourages empathy, unity, and a non-binary view of race,' Tadder shares. 'Black is a color challenges one to see past profiling and foresee the beauty that is capable of elevating the human experience. 'Black is a Color' demands that we look past skin tone, and into beautiful, infinitely complex humans.' 

Tadder's latest work elaborates his perspective on the human experience - 'Black is Color.' When primary colors are mixed at equal parts, black will be the outcome color that precipitates during this process due to its inherent structure and emotion present in subjects being captured by Tadder's lens. '