Settling Down: How to Know When It’s Time to Live Together

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Every relationship is unique when it comes to speed. Some people like to settle down quickly, while others need several years before they make their commitments. Wherever you fall, it’s important to know when the time is right to live together. After all, it is a huge decision! If you are currently in a relationship and want to know if moving in is the right choice, then read on. 

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You Both Have Savings 

One of the largest factors to consider before moving in with your partner is how much savings you have. If you both have plenty, you could consider investing in a home rather than renting. If you are first time buyers and want to save a little money, then have a look at Linden Homes for some great house prices and first-time-buyer schemes. 

Your Families are Close

If your families are just as close as the pair of you, then it’s a sure sign that your relationship will stand the test of time. One of the biggest problems couples face in their relationship is disagreements between families, so knowing it’s not an issue is a huge plus. 

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Your Goals Align 

You don’t have to both want to work in finance for your goals to align. Instead, your goals should complement each other and not get in the way of the other persons’ dreams. Before you decide to move in with your partner, make sure you know where they see themselves in the future. If you want kids, for example, you don’t want to later learn that they don’t.

You Know Their Habits

No matter how much you love a person, you shouldn’t move in with them before you know their habits well. Do you know how they eat their food? How many times do they shower? Whether or not they leave the toilet seat lid up? All of these things might seem frivolous at first, but over time, they might start to grate on you. Make sure they don’t have any habits that will annoy you too much before you give them the key! 

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You Can Talk About Anything 

In a committed relationship, you should be able to talk openly. This means that if something is on your mind, you don’t feel afraid to let them in. 

When living together, problems will occur from time to time. This is normal and happens in every relationship, and can be easily fixed as long as you are both good communicators. If you are both comfortable talking through your issues, then you will stay strong when living together. 

You’ve Overcome a Difficult Time

Everyone goes through a rough patch at some point, and you want to be sure your partner is there for you when you do. If you have already been through something as a couple, and your partner was both sympathetic and caring, then you can be sure that, when you next face hardship, they will be by your side.

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