Kingfisher by Gàbor Li, 17, from Hungary.

10 Incredible Finalists of the World Wildlife Day Photography Competition

On March 3, the highly-expected winner of the World Wildlife Day Photography Competition—a conservation-themed contest introduced to young photographers between the ages of 10 and 24—was proclaimed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. A 17-year-old from Hungary named Gàbor Li took home the grand prize with Kingfisher, a beautiful action photo of a bird in the midst of catching its prey.

The World Wildlife Day Photography Competition was prepared by the secretariat of CITES, an international union that aims to protect wild animals and plants.

“The photo competition was aimed to motivate and galvanize the youth to take action to protect wildlife from the threat of extinction, and Gàbor’s photo is an inspiration to all of us,” he said. “We thank all of the youth who sent in their wonderful photographs and while there can only be one winner, we can all be champions of wildlife.”

African Lion by Damaris Lopez Zamora, 20, from El Salvador


A Group of Crane Flies by Breech Asher Harani, 25 (24 at time of entering), from the Philippines


Heavy Bodied Jumping Spider by Md Rashuidul Rabby, age 23, from Bangladesh


Northern Potoo by Jorge Figueroa, 24, from Mexico


Wire-Tailed Swallow taken by Ali Javed, 24, from Pakistan


Rhesus Macaques taken by Swaroop Singha Roy, 22, from India


Confusing Bumblebee taken by Gabriel Best, 19, from the US


An African Flap-Necked Dhameleon taken by Samson Moyo, 19, South Africa


Mantis by Nathan Horrenberger, 23, from Switzerland