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25 of the Best Aurora Photos – Capture the Atlas’ Northern Lights Photographer of the Year List

“For the Northern Lights” by Aleksey R. Location: Teriberka, Kolsky District of Murmansk Oblast, Russia

The Northern Lights are breathtaking, but photographing their splendor may be difficult. The Aurora Borealis flickers and dances across the sky in ways that are difficult to predict and even harder to capture with a still photograph. However, certain photographers have accomplished the task, and Capture the Atlas has compiled a list of the top 25 shots from those who succeeded. The list includes photos from Russia, Alaska, Iceland, and more, showcasing how great these cosmic phenomena look against varied backdrops.

The colorful variety of auroras depicted in the photos is also fascinating, as it demonstrates the wide range of auroras that exist. All colors are represented, from classic green, blue, and purple to yellow and pink. The lights can be seen in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres since you might believe that they are only observable in countries like Sweden or Norway. For instance, David Oldenhof’s stunning shot of a lake’s aurora reflecting is from Tasmania. The Northern Lights may be seen as Australia’s southernmost state from March to September.

Take a look at some of our favorite images from the collection, which have been hand-picked by Capture the Atlas’s Dan Zafra. Zafra is seeking photos from not just some of the world’s most renowned photographers but also new talents and untouched areas where the Northern Lights have never been seen before as a photographer himself.

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“Nature & Landscape photographer” by Agnieszka Mrowka. Location: Iceland
Aurora Australis” by David Oldenhof. Location: Tasmania, Australia
The Northern Lights cathedral” by Frøydis Dalheim. Location: Senja, Northern Norway
“The aurora cave” by Giulio Cobianchi. Location: Lofoten Islands, Norway
“Volcanic Aurora Borealis” by Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove. Location: Geldingadalir, Iceland
“When the stars align” by Joshua Snow. Location: Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon, Canada
“Tranquil” by Larryn Rae. Location: Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
“Forest of the Lights” by Marc Adamus. Location: Alaska, USA
“Aurora Sherbet in the Apostles” by Marybeth Kiczenski. Location: Bayfield, Wisconsin, USA
“Santa’s Cabin” by Olli Sorvari. Location: Levi, Finland
“Polar-snow monsters” by Sergey Korolev. Location: Kola Peninsula, Russia
“Spectrum” by Stefan Liebermann. Location: Vestrahorn, Iceland
“Norrsken over Vintergatan ” by Stefano Astorri. Location: Swedish Lapland
“Higher prediction” by Virgil Reglioni. Location: Northern Norway