5 Reasons Your Headshot Is One Of The Most Important Aspects Of Your Portfolio

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If you’re working for a company or own a business, a professional headshot is a must-have as it can enhance your portfolio. Since online presence plays a crucial role in business leads, interviews, and LinkedIn connections, having a headshot that can deliver the message you’re trying to convey is important.  

Your headshot on your website and online profiles is your way of creating a first impression on your clients or business connections. To ensure that your picture conveys confidence, pleasantness, and competence, get a professional photographer to take that brilliant headshot.  

In this article, we’ll discuss top five reasons why your headshot is one of the most important aspects of your portfolio. 

1. A Key Aspect Of Your Online Presence 

With an increase in the millennial workforce, a large chunk of business has shifted online. Potential companies and clients may check your online profiles and website for reference, making it important for you to have a professional online representation. 

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LinkedIn profiles that have professional profile photos get clicked much more than profiles without photos or only have casual photos. This is because a professional photo can convey your approach towards work and reflects your personality. Thus, having a good headshot ensures that your clients will take you seriously since you look professional.   

2. First Impressions Matter  

First impressions are important, whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or a visit to your profile or website. A potential business client will only take things forward if your profile makes a good impression. 

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The first thing that a potential business connection notices on your profile is your image. That’s why it's important to make sure that your headshot is clear and convey your qualities.  

3. Bring Forth Your Personality 

A headshot by a professional photographer can ensure that your personality shines through the image. From capturing your smile beautifully to ensuring that you come across as confident but not too rigid, an experienced photographer can help you with a headshot that enhances your personality. This can have a positive impact on your online presence.  

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Prepare yourself before the shoot by getting your hair done and wearing make-up. This allows you to enhance your picture. Thus, make sure that your look is professional.  

4. Enhances Your Branding  

Getting a headshot is important for both your personal branding as well as your company’s. A professional photo adds credibility to your profile. 

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Just by having a neat online presence with active social media pages, an interactive website, and professional headshots of you and your team members can eliminate a lot of competition. This is simply because most people surfing online have a very short attention span and only visit pages or profiles that are visually neat, informative, and can convey that you have a solution to their problem.  

5. Makes You Stand Out  

If you browse through some of your competitor profiles, you’re sure to come across many with blur photos, pictures cut out from a group photo, and some profiles with no picture at all. Though your competitors may be good at what they do, they’re not conveying it through their profiles. A professionally shot headshot can make you stand out in a swarm of competitor profiles.  

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Your LinkedIn profile can be a great networking platform if you use it well. Aside from constantly updating your skills, connections, and projects, adding a professional headshot to your profile picture will make you more visible and can help people remember you easily. If you meet a potential business associate, you can immediately connect with them online. And, a clear, recent headshot will ensure that they remember you.  

Tips For Getting A Professional Headshot 

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  • Find a professional photographer who specializes in headshots.  
  • Make sure that the photographer is experienced. 
  • Do some research and choose a few headshot styles you like. To figure out what works best for you, discuss your expectations with your photographer. 
  • Make sure to prep your skin, make-up, clothes, and hair for the headshot. These are ways to enhance your picture and bring out impressions like professionalism, pleasantness, and confidence.  


A great headshot can greatly impact your professional profiles and website. Your LinkedIn profile picture is the first impression your business connections get of you. It’s often the deciding factor if someone will get in touch with you or not.  

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By making your online presence neat, professional, and pleasant, you can easily increase your online visibility. A good headshot, combined with your updated website and social media accounts, can eliminate a large chunk of your competitors, making it easier to grow your business or increase your professional credibility.