A Japanese photographer Captures the Beauty of Frozen Bubble Formations in the New Series

Japanese photographer Ryota Kajita has seized the odd ice patterns of Alaska's interior swamps and ponds for the last eight years as part of the Ice Formations collection. The temporary structures look like fanciful desserts found from the wild, with suspended shavings lightly dusting the formations' edges.

"Photography enables me to look closely at those minutes and subjects, take the time to observe them and assist me to know my surroundings more intimately," Ryota informs Colossal. "Through photos, nature shows its subtle beauty. From the Ice Formations series, I hope to discuss these transient and small creations of nature with other people."

Images from the exhibition are included in a group exhibition at the Mt. Rokko Photographeric Garden through July 30, 2018. You may view more of the Alaska-based photographer's explorations on Facebook and Instagram.

H/T thisiscolossal