Joe Shutter Shares Photos From His Silent Arctic Photographic Expedition

Dramatic frosty shots by Joe Shutter, a talented British-Brazilian photographer, and adventurer now based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Joe captured some royal sceneries of Greenland on his photograph expedition.

"This is nothing short of a full-scale journey in Northeast Greenland via electric boat along and into the world's biggest fjord system, some of which are almost 150 miles in length", he says.

Shutter is recognized for his arctic landscape and wildlife in a number of the most remote places on the planet.

"In certain view, the light from Iceland can change within the second. And therefore it was that one glorious day some time ago; I traded In the blandness of the London lifetime (wonderful though it is) to get a lifetime Of multi-directional wind & rain, long blue light, midnight sun, highlands, mountains, volcanos, icebergs and canyons and waterfalls. These will be the sub-Arctic conditions where I thrive and Where I get the inspiration I need, to push (literally and Figuratively) a life of experience in Iceland. The vehicle of choice for My experiences is my Land Rover Defender: The Landy. The Beast. My steel Horse."