Discover the Dolomites Through an Infrared Lens of Paolo Pettigiani

The Beatles' dreamlike 'tangerine trees and marmalade skies' look surreally close to reality in these infrared images by Italian photographer Paolo Pettigiani. Shot around the Dolomites mountain range from Italy, the photos 'show something that is widely familiar to your eye, under a new and unexpected perspective.'

Trees turn a punchy pink, and blue skies are dramatized through the photographer's infrared lens. 'after three decades of arts and design classes at Politecnico at Turin, these shots have awakened my need to use color to distort reality,' Pettigiani says. 'This project, for instance, was taken with a Nikon D750, converting full-spectrum, to learn more about the light's spectrum emanated from plants. A spark which lies just beyond the beam visible to guys.'


h/t designboom