Intimate Photos of The Herder Boys of Lesotho by Tom Oldham

London-based photographer Tom Oldham visited Lesotho last year, capturing for the NGO Riders for Health, on a whistle-stop shoot traveling through the mountain kingdom.

The herder boys work astonishingly hard, for meager pay, in the toughest conditions imaginable. It is the only choice available to some, who usually have very little formal education and may enter into this employment from early childhood.

On November 20-16, Tom was able to return to shoot these portraits, and with some useful assistance from the team at Riders for Health, he arrived home with some very special new function. You can see his resulting series, The Herder Boys of Lesotho, in the White Space Gallery in London from 2-6 June until 1 July 2017. Discover more of his work at