David Bowie, New York, 1976

Mugshots Restored by Jason Baker: Bringing New Life Into Black And White Photographs

In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, mugshots of the same celebrities may be found on the internet for everyone to view. However, mugshots were simply photographs of criminals taken by cops earlier than they became public knowledge. One photographer known as Jason Baker has begun restoring mugshots and infusing new life into them through his photographic abilities.

“Some of the vintage mugshots of celebrities I restored,” I’d like to tell you.

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Martin Luther King Jr., Alabama, 1956
Rosa Parks, 1955
Johnny Cash, 1965
Cher, California, 1959
Jane Fonda, Ohio, 1970
Frank Sinatra, New Jersey, 1938
Jimi Hendrix, Canada
Vladimir Lenin, Siberia, 1895
Al Pacino, Rhode Island, 1961
Malcolm X, Massachusetts, 1946
Mick Jagger, England, 1967
Pablo Escobar, Columbia, 1977
Elvis Presley, Colorado, 1970
Steve Mcqueen, Alaska
Al Capone, Florida, 1930
Benito Mussolini, Switzerland, 1903
Larry King, Florida, 1971
Charles Ponzi, 1920
Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegal, 1928
Patty Hearst, California, 1975
John Dillinger, 1934
James “Whitey” Bulger, California, 1959