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Tweed Ride MOSCOW


Hundreds of cyclists dressed in traditional British tweed suits descended on a Moscow park to take part in the first Tweed Run in the Russian capital. The aura of the 1930s and1940s was recreated with a twist of elegance. The Sokolniki Park became a Mecca of style and sport, with crowds of cyclists dressed to the nines. Although any bicycle was acceptable on the Tweed Run, some participants spotted classic vintage bicycles, such as the1953 American wheels. In solidarity with the retro Russian cyclists, a number of passers-by preferred to take pictures of the event on cameras fitted with film. The event was inspired by the UK’s global bicycle ride launched in London in 2009. The cycling parade drew both, adults and children, but women naturally did their best to bring back the spirit of the bygone era. Russian ladies with an eye for detail and a touch of class could be seen wearing vintage hats and retro skirts bought for the occasion at second-hand shops.