Swimming pools from a bird’s eye view by Brad Walls

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Aerial photographer Brad Walls released new series Pools From Above – beauty found in the shapes, colours, and textures of swimming pools. Walls shows a clean, minimal aesthetic to visually showcase pools from around the world. Initially, he wanted to capture the bodies of water simply to document holiday memories from Southeast Asia and within his own home country of Australia. He was inspired by bestselling Annie Kelly “The Art of the Swimming Pool” to start investing time and passion into curating a series. He chose to keenly focus on pools’ elements of composition from a bird’s eye view. “I fell in love with the lines, curves, and negative space of the pools, which – without an alternate perspective from a drone – would have been lost.” Walls plans to capture even more world-renowned swimming pools across an array of idyllic locations, including Palm Springs, Mexico, and the Mediterranean.


Private Pool Byron Bay
Private Pool Sydney
Private Pool philippines
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Public pool sydney
public pool sydney4
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