“Oasis House” – Residential Concept with a Single Roof, Almost Floating in the Desert

Saudi Oasis House is the name of a daring residential concept by Omar Hakim, which imagines a home cantilevering from desert rock. The home was built as an elevated house to provide extraordinary views of its environment. It also offered unique leisure and entertainment options owing to the two distinct volumes, primarily made up of glass to maintain the unblocked vistas of Wadi Al Disah in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

The pool was built in a rocky desert area, and it will provide comfort from the environment while also providing a striking contrast. Aside from its aesthetic effect when viewed from a distance, the pool will also create a stunning sight in the main living area as sunlight reflects the rippling results of the water down into the room.

In the contemporary home, interior photographs show us the spectacular views of the desert from inside. The two bedrooms and a bath are within the top volume of the house, with some of the living area located below the pool. The concrete core that connects the two sections of the home separates them. Despite their differences, both showcase Hakim's use of transparency to introduce visitors to the splendor of Wadi Al Disah.

Omar Hakim: Instagram