A Glorious Aerial View of North-East India: Embroidery Artist Diti Baruah’s Stunning Hoop Art

Looking at embroidery artist Diti Baruah’s stunning hoop art, it’s hard not to be transported away to a gorgeous aerial view of North-East India. Each piece in her collection celebrates the beauty of this region, with meticulous stitching and an eye for detail, bringing the landscapes to life. Baruah’s textile art is guaranteed to take your breath away, whether it’s a view of rowboats on a river or forests dusted with clouds.
Baruah’s artwork is frequently concerned with highlighting the beautiful natural beauty of the North-East India region, which borders Myanmar, China, and Bangladesh. Her most popular embroidery is Lotus Pickers of Loktak Lake, Manipur North-East India. “This work is unique because I appreciate how the colors balance each other,” she explains to Freeyork. “And it captures the essence of this unique, lesser-known natural heritage from North-East India. It’s one of my first aerial landscape embroideries and contains thousands of French knots.”
Baruah is constantly experimenting with her work, which may be purchased on Etsy as original pieces.

Diti Baruah: Etsy | Instagram