These Photos of Umbrellas Show the Beauty of Little Moments of Life

Dasha Dare's fascination with umbrellas began four decades ago when she was researching the streets of Manhattan, capturing the black and color attractiveness during various seasons and climate conditions.

Paying closer attention to those urban areas, the New York photographer started to pick out people carrying umbrellas along with the theme for her ongoing series stuck. Dare's motivation was the action of observing and paying attention to the world around us at the bad weather conditions.

Every photo here is a reminder for the observer to always see a bigger picture, see the good in"bad" weather. As she explains, "It only takes one to lift an umbrella a bit higher and slow down -- with hardly any effort -- to watch beyond the boundaries of your world."

Beautiful, delicate, often in black and white and occasionally in color, Umbrellas is a string that reminds us to adopt the here and now.

h/t creativeboom