This man recreated scenes from famous movie locations

Have you ever wondered what film sets of your top movies looked like today? In case you did, we have a perfect Instagram account you can follow to explore classic locations from "Ghostbusters" or even classic car where Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio drove in the movie "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood." There is this guy named Phil Grishayev. This young producer from Los Angeles is taking photos of popular film sets with him in it. It's his big passion to capture contemporary looks of them and compare them to the originals (from even 1950s !!). As we can see on his Instagram account, the results are awe-inspiring. He started doing it since 2012 with images of streets, shops, and public buildings. During this time, he traveled through countries to get the best shots. That includes lots of work and researches. For people who are true fans of those movies, it's essential to be real and to give 100% of reality. As we can see on his Instagram account, those places change a lot. Sometimes it's just merely aging and ruining. Sometimes it's a complete makeover included with new buildings around, new roads and modern solutions. Every photo has its magic and can bring back memories.

So check this out and maybe try to find a famous movie location in your area.