This Portrait Project By Serge Anton Shows Incredible Beauty Of Diverse Faces Around the World

After spending 30 years traveling around the planet, Belgian photographer Serge Anton has undoubtedly seen a lot of faces. Intrigued by the nuanced, soulful individuals he met over the span of voyages to Asia and Africa, Anton began capturing these exotic expressions through artistic portraits. The outcome is Faces, a photography book that captures, with no words, the universal soul of cultures around the world.

Anton practices in architecture and interior photography; nonetheless here, he reveals his hand in photographing intimate portrait. His command of portraiture comes out of years of fascination with human nature, something cultivated from an early age. "Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by faces," Anton writes in the foreword of Faces. "I maintain observing them, attempting to read them understand and feel what they express. As a child, I felt bombarded by publications with human faces."

Seeing the face as a mirror into the soul, Anton's portraits have an artistic look at the principles of each person's features. And through those features, whether deep wrinkles are representing age and wisdom or the rounded cheeks of a smiling child, viewers are pulled into the spirit of the sitter. With no words to follow the imagery, Anton asks audiences to look beyond the particular place individual lives and merely understand the soul inside. Through these worldless tales, the universal nature of humanity excels.

... It is the manifestation of what the individual being hides deep inside, emotionally and spiritually, a state of spirit, a transient expression. I like to catch a fragment, to grasp what's shown at a furtive instant and belongs only for this unique moment."