Vladimir Putin and Peter Turnley in the Kremlin, 2000

World Renowned Photographer Peter Turnley

American documentary photographer Peter Turnley has been one of the premier photographers for decades. He documented the fall of the Berlin Wall, the tumult in Eastern Europe and has visited over 90 countries around the world aiming his camera at the turmoil, change, and hope. 43 of his photos has been featured on the cover of Newsweek.
For more than four decades, created an enduring legacy of exceptional images that expose the depth, enjoyment, and sympathy of our everyday human experience.

peter turnley and fidel castro, 1994
Peter Turnley and Fidel Castro, 1994
mikhail gorbachev and peter turnley
Mikhail Gorbachev and Peter Turnley
peter turnley and yasser arafat, 1988
Peter Turnley and Yasser Arafat, 1988
moscow, 1987
Moscow, 1987
moscow, 1993
Moscow, 1993
moscow, 1993
Moscow, 1993
miners, novokuznetsk, 1991
Miners, Novokuznetsk, 1991
mikhail gorbachev, moscow, 1999
Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscow, 1999
psychiatric hospital, moscow, 1992
Psychiatric Hospital, Moscow, 1992
chechen refugees, 1994
Chechen refugees, 1994
peter turnley in chechnya, 1995
Peter Turnley in Chechnya, 1995
the fall of the berlin wall, 1989
The fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989
peter turnley in the kremlin, 1991
Peter Turnley in the Kremlin, 1991
the war in iraq, peter turnley in baghdad in 2003
The war in Iraq, Peter Turnley in Baghdad in 2003
carnival in rio, 2005
Carnival in Rio, 2005
synagogue, moscow, 1990
Synagogue, Moscow, 1990
indiana, usa, 1973
Indiana, USA, 1973
paris, 2013
Paris, 2013
paris, 2012
Paris, 2012
paris, 1980
Paris, 1980
paris, 1982
Paris, 1982
paris, 2013
Paris, 2013
paris, 2000
Paris, 2000

paris, 1991
Paris, 1991