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5 Reasons to Turn Your Love of Sports into a Career in Phys Ed

If you love sport, then why not make it part of your career?

We might not all be able to become professional sportspeople, but that should not be where your passion ends. There are lots of different opportunities to work in sports, and one of the best options is to study physical education.

Great Online Courses

Studying to become a physical education teacher is easier than you might think. Whether you are looking to start your first career or retrain, there are lots of great online courses you can take. 

Online physical education courses allow you to fit your studies around your schedule, enabling you to pursue your career at your own pace. This added flexibility makes online study an attractive option for many students and can be the perfect first step towards your career in phys ed.

Pursue Your Passion 

If you love sports, then what better way to engage in them than by sharing your passion with children? Physical education is a vital part of the school curriculum, and the knowledge and enthusiasm you bring can have a big impact on a young person’s life. 

Many people do not realize that their love of sports can set them up for a long and rewarding career. The skills you learn by following sports are invaluable though, and they are ones you can pass on to young people through physical education classes.

A Rewarding Career

When we talk about rewarding careers, there can be few that compare to teaching. 

Helping young people grow into adults and equipping them for the world they face is an amazing privilege. It is something that keeps people coming back day after day and means work is something you look forward to. 

Physical education is a big part of this and using your love of sports to teach can mean years of enjoying the work you do each and every day.

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Learning Opportunities 

Another great part of being a physical education teacher is the learning opportunities you will encounter. 

Your job is based on your love of sports, and this means you can pursue your interests in greater detail. Whether you want to focus on tennis and be a high school tennis coach, or you want to start a volleyball club, the opportunities are there for you. 

When you are passionate about something, you are going to be able to teach it better, and there are lots of learning opportunities available to help you with this.


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When we think of sports, we do not often associate them with stable careers. However, this is not true for teaching. 

By using your love of sports to become a phys ed teacher, you can create a stable career for yourself. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement, and you are doing something you enjoy. 

We all want to be happy with what we are doing, and if you love sport, studying physical education could be the perfect option.