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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom ADA Compliance Signs

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The American Disabilities Act has a set of rules and regulations known as the ADA signs meant to support impaired persons in society. 

You will find these signs on major buildings that provide public services. Additionally, all signs should meet the appropriate pictorial, braille, and lettering requirements. 

These complaints signs not only protect you from breaking the law and incurring potential fines but also creates a safe and pleasant environment for handicapped persons. Let’s look at the various questions people ask about custom ADA compliance signs.

What makes a sign ADA compliant?

ADA compliant signs must have braille letters to assist the visually impaired. They should also feature a high-contrast background and have legible writings. moreover, the letters should be in Sans Serif font without any additional styles. Other characteristics include no glare unless the signs are for traffic or parking, proper use of the Upper and lower case, and proper sizing of the letters.

What is ADA regulation?

This act is a civil rights law that protects persons with disabilities from all forms of discrimination. Its main goal is to create a safe and friendly environment for persons with disabilities regardless of their race sex or religion.

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What is protected under ADA?

Apart from ensuring that public buildings are safe for persons with disabilities, the act also ensures employers provide them with equal employment opportunities. These opportunities include training, hiring, promotion, social activities, recruitment among others. Additionally, it protects people the handicapped against violations when they using public transport and various public accommodations.

How do you prove ADA discrimination?

Discrimination of persons with disabilities is not a thing of the past. Luckily, the federal law for disability discrimination has all the remedies for such cruelty. Nonetheless, for you to be accorded justice, you have to prove that you have suffered a major physical or mental impairment. You can do so by hiring an employment rights attorney to see over your case.

What mental disorders does ADA cover?

Individuals with a mental impairment such as major depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, and obsessive compulsiveness are covered under these laws. However, individuals engaged in illegal drug use are exempted from these privileges. See this link to know more 

What does it mean to be ADA accessible?

Among other things, the American Disabilities Act ensures that electronic devices and information technology platforms like websites are accessible to persons with disabilities. In today’s digital market world, ADA rules that every business should follow the web accessibility best practices when creating their website. This is to ensure that those with disabilities can easily access their goods and services as well as the general public.

What are the ADA violations?

This act ensures that businesses and the government provide easy access to various amenities for persons with disabilities. Violation of these terms may subject your businesses to costly lawsuits especially if the violation caused severe injuries. Other common examples of such violations include; lack of wheelchair accessible ramp, lack of adequate parking spots for the handicap, walkways that have no handrails among others.

Does the ADA apply to private residential?

These laws mainly apply to public accommodations such as hotels and restaurants. However, it does not apply to privately owned or leased housing, condominiums, single-family homes, or an apartment that is not used as a public accommodation.

What are the 5 titles of the ADA?

This federal law of persons with disabilities is divided into five titles to ensure proper provision of service to the handicapped. 

The employment title ensures a fair share of opportunities in all aspects of employment to those with disabilities. The second being Public services followed by Public Accommodations, telecommunications, and lastly Miscellaneous. 

All these titles work hand in hand to ensure equal and reasonable opportunities for every person living with disabilities. Click here to read more about ADA.


ADA signs have a huge impact on persons who are disabled differently. You will find these signs mainly on the stairways, exit, restrooms, elevators, parking, and more. It is also equally important to know where to place these compliance signages and the space required. Likewise, when placing an ADA sign, make sure you place it 60 inches away from the floor and not lower than 48 inches from the floor. This ensures that they are easily visible and accessible.