Artist Turns Human Bodies Into Living Representation Of Zodiac Signs

Body paint artist Trina Merry has been painting bodies for almost ten years, but her newest project is something truly spectacular. In it, she turns human bodies into living copy of zodiac signs, with careful detail painted onto each and every limb.

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint01

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint02

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint03

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint04

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint05

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint07

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint08

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint09

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint10

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint11



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