Struggling with university applications? Here is how you can write an effective admission’s essay

The entire process of university applications can be a stressful process because there is a lot that needs to be done and the fact that your future goals depend on it, does not make it any easier as well. A major component of the university applications is the essay you have to write, which will help determine the admissions board whether or not you are a good fit for the university. This is probably the hardest part of university applications because you have to convey your capabilities, and desire to be part of the university in a concise yet effective way. Because of this, you will often find yourself thinking “is myadmissionsessay legit?” If you are not satisfied with the progress so far, you have come to the right place, because we can give you some useful tips that can be used in the essay.

Focus on something that will highlight your best aspects

You are given a limited amount of space to write the entire essay, which is why it does not make sense to touch on various subjects. You need to write an essay like a story about yourself, as well as the journey that led to you being in this situation and applying to the university in question. Let them know about what wakes you up in the mornings, and what drives and link it to how these things will be a valuable asset to the university.

Use examples

Many people make the mistake of writing a very generic admissions essay that can be written by anyone. In order to make your personal statement truly personal, you need to back your capabilities and skills with actual examples of where you used them. The examples will be something that will be specific to you and will give the admissions board a much clearer idea about what you are like.

Be original

Personal statements and admissions essay consists of many generalized statements that are used over and over again. Do not make this mistake because chances are the admissions board has already read them a thousand times. Try a new approach of being original, and write how you want, not how other people write. In order to do this, you should also write about some real-life experiences that left some kind of impact on you, and how you dealt with it. Things like “want to make the world a better place” and “helping the unfortunate” is something that is overly used, and if you truly have these as aims in life, let the admissions boards know as to how you will make it happen.


It cannot be emphasized enough how important proofreading is. You should read your essay a couple of times to check for small errors, but you should also have other people read your essay. This will provide you with a similar perspective like such as the admissions board.