The List of Top 10 Topics for Writing an Explanatory Assignment

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Many people think that the process of writing itself is the most difficult part of carrying out the assignments. However, if you have to pick up the topic on your own, you will probably be struggling with the variety of ideas that will arise in your imagination. Inspiration is such an unpredictable thing that there is no guarantee it will help you at the right time - when you spent 3 hours trying to create at least a topic for the assignment.

To facilitate the process, you may use this list of top 10 topics for writing an assignment. Here you will find the most suitable and rich in thought topics and save your time instead of writing on your own. Here are the top topics for writing an assignment.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Internet Addiction?

Since we live now in the age of informational technologies, the question of benefits and drawbacks of using the Internet is at the top of popular discussions. You have plenty of examples around you - friends and relatives. You may also look at yourself to create the best answer: how does time spent on the Internet influence you? Start with general statistics of the number of Internet addicts and then move to pros and cons.

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Is It Possible to Completely Get Rid of Bullying in Schools?

Many children and teens admit that they were at least once bullied, which created a frightening experience of feeling desperate and miserable. The school administration may invoke to stop self-expressing and elevating own authority at the expense of others. But what is the probability of complete cease of cruelty in educational institutions?

Is the Death Penalty an Appropriate Punishment for Any Kind of Crime?

The question of the death penalty as a measure of justice raises a lot of controversies, as this problem affects legal, moral, religious ethical and other aspects of the life of the humanity. Do we need the death penalty in a civilized society? If we talk about global trends, then we should say for sure - the world community is consistently moving towards a world without the death penalty. The primary goal of punishment is re-education, not revenge or damage.

Should There Be Classes for Boys and Girls Separately?

Among the supporters of separate education - doctors, psychologists, genetics, teachers. Their main argument: boys and girls develop in different ways - they have different interests, games, addictions. Therefore, it is better to teach children apart, considering the physical possibilities, the period of puberty and the psychology of perception. But on the other hand, the difference between the sexes cannot be clear, it is greatly exaggerated, so there is no need to separate children.

Should the Government Make a Tax on Junk Food?

The topic seems to be funny, but try to take it seriously! The logic in the attempts of the State to make the diet of citizens healthier, of course, is present. In case of success, this includes improving quality of life, increasing the life expectancy and reducing medical expenses. However, as practice shows, it is not always easy to realize good undertakings of the state. Many countries introduced and then canceled increased taxes on certain types of unhealthy products. Show your own opinion on this matter.

What Makes a Movie a Good One?

Although many believe that the evaluation of films is entirely subjective and cannot be unambiguously correct, there are many criteria by which one can determine whether a movie is good or a bad one. State your own impressions, how do you choose the film to watch? How do you select the movie to advise your best friend? Are there any mandatory elements to make it good?

Is Wearing Fashionable Clothes Important?

Every person has a slight dependence on fashion. The fashion has a unique effect on the young. Following fashion with fanaticism shapes consumer behavior in them. Many people think that fashion influences a person well. If you are not passionate about fashion, life will not seem so exciting. A person who wears clothes of the best brands feels more confident. The style of clothes can also have an impact on the behavior. Have another opinion? Show it!

How to Travel Alone?

There are many fears and stereotypes connected to such trips, but instead of being afraid and staying home, it is worth preparing thoroughly before the trip started and go towards adventures. Provide the reader with tips, advantages, and disadvantages, possible dangers. You can also give successful examples of famous travelers who have gone through their trips alone.

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Could Music Distract the Driver on the Road?

Recently, scientists have conducted several experiments to understand how loud music in the car can interfere or help the driver during the driving. Also, scientists have found that people who listen to loud music while driving, twice often violate the rules of the road, especially the passage to the prohibitory traffic light sign. And scientists noticed the tendency that the higher the volume level, the stronger the reaction. If you drive a car, you can provide an assignment with own experience.

Should People Have a Right to Use Animals for Entertainment?

Bears, lions, tigers, leopards, monkeys, kangaroos, elephants and many other animals spend miserable existence behind bars in a tiny circus cage. The circus takes away all dignity and natural beauty from animals, turns them not into "famous artists," as it is often presented, but in unhappy creatures with a disfigured psyche and a crippled body.

An analysis of the condition of such animals in circuses of the world showed: this form of communication with animals is mostly criminal. Since when did people decide to have a right to use animals to entertain themselves? State your opinion on this topic.

Hope you are inspired enough to write a custom thesis. These 10 topics are just examples of how you should think when creating your own topic. Do not forget that there is no right opinion - you can put pros and cons of every question to better clarify the issue.