How to Write a High-Quality Press Release

As with any type of writing, be it an article, an academic report, or a press release, there is a correct way to write it.

Specifically, you need to ensure the information presented is accurate and informative. You don’t want to leave the conversation open to unanswered questions or leave out pertinent information, as this can lead to distrust and further concerns when it comes to releasing your information.

Here are some easy steps to follow when writing a press release, to ensure you are providing the most appropriate information to the pirates concerned.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is the specific releasing of information relevant to your company or governing body. A press release will inform you of private information that has otherwise been kept under wraps or will discuss company changes, new trade, new stocks, or new branches opening.

The globalized economy is now driven by social media and the constant barrage of information, rumors, and hearsay can be extremely tiring and difficult. Press releases are a way to ensure that the public and press are receiving relevant information from trusted sources rather than through the rumor mill, and avoid unwanted hearsay and problems.

If a new business is opening, new stocks are being traded, or new laws or being enacted, a press release can confirm or deny information, and directly address the information source to verify any news that may be floating around. Press releases can be in the newspaper or published online via e releases and using designated companies to reach the target audience.

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Opening Information (Introduction to the News)

A press release is not just the compilation of information in point form, it is specific information and everything involved. The experts at have great ways to ensure your press releases will be well accepted and well received. The introduction is one of the most important parts of your press release.

Just as an academic paper will have an introduction, thesis, and supporting information, so too does your press release requires all the appropriate and accurate information. 

Your press release should begin with an introduction, specifically detailing the information you are trying to release. An effective press release will have a certain way of presenting the information, and clarity in your introduction is incredibly important to address specifically the information you want to, and not get lost in filler and unrelated information.

Body (Main Points of your New Information)

The body of your press release will specifically address the most important points. If your press release is to inform of new business openings, the body will contain the information specifically surrounding what the business does, where it is located, who it will serve, how it will do so, and when it will be opening.

It can be argued that the body is one of the most important parts of a press release, as this will be where all the relevant information is located.

Avoid inserting information that is not specifically related to the points you addressed in your introduction. Don’t add new information into your body that is extra, don’t put ancillary points that don’t directly pertain to the specific news you want to communicate.

If the body of your press release contains too much information, it will open up many more questions and can leave your company looking poorly prepared. Ensure that the body of your press release only contains the pertinent information, and avoid providing unnecessary information in the body.

Anticipate Questions and Concerns, and Address these in the Body of your Press Release

One of the most important things to consider when putting together a press release is to consider exactly what questions may arise from the new information and facing this head-on.

If you provide confusing, unclear, or inaccurate information, you can be sure that the press will have more questions than they otherwise would have. If you don’t have a clear point and supporting facts in your press release, not only can this confuse the press and the public, it can make your company seem like they are hiding things.

Ensuring you are clear, open, honest, and address any and all questions are of the utmost importance when constructing your press release.

Solid Conclusion

Ensuring your press release has a solid conclusion, detailing the who, what when, where, and why of your news is imperative.

Without a solid conclusion, the public can be left wondering why you even release the news in the first place. You need to provide clear and consistent reasons for why you are releasing this information, and detail why it is important to your target audience.

Overall the most important consideration when building and publishing your press release is to ensure that you are being transparent and thorough with the information you are presenting. don’t leave the audience with more questions. Press releases are the only way you can ensure that the most accurate up to date and clear information is presented to the public.

If you don’t have a public relations department that is well ready to present the facts to the public, you will find many questions presented that were not necessarily anticipated. In writing a successful and well-accepted press release you must follow the rules of writing. 

Have a clear and detailed introduction presenting the information you want to share, ensure the body of your press release contains entirely true and verifiable information that anticipates any questions and concerns, and include a solid conclusion. This is the most professional and proactive way to write a press release and ensure it contains the conclusive information you want to present.

If you leave the press scratching their heads reading your release, you are opening the door for further probing questions, and sharing your news only increase questions and confusion. Successful press releases will show a professional and well-run company, and read like an academic paper, rather than mirroring the homework of an elementary school project. Ensure good, quality information, and make your press release work to your benefit, rather than your detriment.

Just as an academic could not publish a thesis without a clear introduction and supporting evidence, your company cannot present information to the public without ensuring that the information presented is accurate. Having a clear and concise press release written is the first step to ensuring your public relations remain calm and well accepted. Don’t do yourself a disservice, ensure you are writing quality press releases.