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Websites That Provide Free Essay Editing Help

To simplify your life, we collected eight websites that provide free essay editing help. You don’t need to cry out the whole night to create a perfect paper anymore. With the assistance of professionals, you will always be confident in your performance because your essay will be carefully proofread and checked for compliance with the given requirements.


Studyfy is one of the best study helpers. The professional team of highly qualified editors provides essay editing service with 24/7 customer support. After receiving your writings with special requirements, the experts will carefully proofread them and give you recommendations on making them better. 

You will get rid of grammatical mistakes because Studyfy’s editors will do anything to improve the language of the essay (spelling, grammar, punctuation, confusing word order, and so on). This editing team will also perfect your style because the service focuses on sentence structures and consistency. Another benefit of the website – you can have several revisions or edits if you need it. 


This website is already well-known among people who dedicate a lot of their time to writing in English. Grammarly is a service that uses AI technology to process the input text. It’s a very convenient and user-friendly program, which also has an application version and browser extension. This service has a free version and a paid one for those who want more.

With Grammarly, you can check your essay for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and lexical mistakes. The new feature of the website is that it can analyze the tone of voice. You can choose the purpose of your text (e.g., to describe, inform, tell a story) and the domain (academic, business, email, casual, etc.).


This service has two options to edit your essay. WebSpellChecker corrects your spelling while you are typing. That’s how its browser extension works. It underlines the wrong words or constructions while you type your email or submit a new Twitter post. 

You can also use a separate window to check your text if you don’t want to change the original version. It works like Grammarly because you can decide whether you wish to accept the corrections in the window.


It is another website you can use when you have trouble with your essays. Among the advantages of this service is the high professional level of their editors. The company claims that they hire writers only with master’s degrees or PhDs. It means you won’t be nervous about the status of proofreading. 

With the help of Ninja Essays, you can quickly get rid of typos and spelling errors in your paper. The professionals will check it for confusing sentences and adjust its flow if necessary. They also will propose new versions of the text without missing initial key concepts. 


This website is known for smartly detecting plagiarized phrases from any piece of text. Plagiarism is an unethical act that can destroy the career and credibility of a writer; hence, using this tool to check for plagiarism is a must for everyone before submitting any content. This tool is based on advanced algorithms that deeply scan the inserted text and compare it with billions of web pages’ content to display the percentage of duplication existing in it. In addition, this tool provides you with the sources from where the text is copied and lets you download the plagiarism scan report with a single click.


EssaysCapital is an editing website that also provides writing services. It could help check grammar and correct punctuation and spelling mistakes. The company’s experts can improve the style of your works and their structures. You shouldn’t worry about formatting either because they assist in this part of the task as well.

Apart from editing help, the staff of EssaysCapital can write some of your academic assignments. Sometimes, when you are busy with many different tasks, it’s an excellent way to reduce the workload while maintaining your performance at a high level. By delegating several tasks, you can prevent burnout and ensure timely submissions.


GrammarBase is another service you can use as an online grammar checker for your college papers. The main advantage of this site is that you can check your text without signing in and providing personal information. The algorithm of the service’s work is quite similar to other grammar checkers. You put the paper’s text in the window, and the program underlines all the mistakes.

In addition to common spelling and punctuation checking, GrammarBase proposes scanning your text for plagiarism. The program is free of charge. Moreover, you don’t have to install any specific software on your computer to start using it. Yet, contrary to Grammarly, you can’t see the correction in your browser until you do your writing.

Slick Write

Slick Write is a simple spellchecker. Its interface is simple, just like in other software that helps students streamline their studies. To check your text, you just need to type it in the service’s window or paste the whole piece from other text editors. What’s the difference between Slick Write and other checkers? With the help of this app, you can customize the settings, so you won’t see the corrections you don’t need.

It means you can divide your proofreading process into phases. Firstly, it would check grammar only. In the second stage, it works with punctuation. After that, you can enhance the essay’s structure or correct minor mistakes.


Not everyone trusts technologies. Some people prefer professional human editors to read their papers before submitting them to instructors. PapersGear is a company that can help you with it. It’s an essay writing service for students and businesses. You can hire an editor, and he or she will assist you in improving essay structure, proofreading, and formatting. 

You can also just find a person who will write your paper from scratch. This option can be handy for those who are overwhelmed with the tasks. It’s a good idea for people who have blogs and need a lot of content every month.

The Bottom Line

The Internet gives a lot of possibilities for those who want to improve their writing skills. The above eight websites are just a tiny part of the services you can use while in college. Editing your essay is not a problem, so do not ignore the chance to make your paper flawless.