This Is What It Looks Like To Be Colorblind

These Photos Show What It Looks Like To Be Colorblind

About 0.5% of women and 8% of men in the world have color blindness. This means that they see colors in an entirely another way than the larger masses.

Most color vision problems are received genetically and are present at birth. People normally have three types of cone cells in the eye. Each type sights either green, blue or red light. You see color when your cone cells sense mixed amounts of these three basic colors.

But just because somebody has a kind of colorblindness, doesn’t mean they see the same colors like every other person with color blindness.

According to, this is how life looks like for different forms of color blindness.

colorblind 1

colorblind 2

colorblind 3

colorblind 4

colorblind 5

colorblind 6

colorblind 7

colorblind 8

colorblind 9

colorblind 10

colorblind 11

colorblind 12

colorblind 13

colorblind 14

colorblind 15

colorblind 16

colorblind 17

colorblind 18

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