Unbelievable Finds: Nick Castro Discovers Unusual Acorn Stash During Routine Job

California-based pest control company owner Nick Castro had seen it all in his years of business. That is until he made a routine visit to address woodpecker damage at home in Santa Rosa and made an astonishing discovery. Hidden inside the house’s walls was a stash of acorns – possibly numbering in the millions! This bizarre find has left everyone wondering how they got there and who put them there in the first place.

When Castro was summoned to fix a woodpecker issue and pecked open the wall for answers, he wasn’t expecting an avalanche of nuts to flow out. Woodpeckers use their beaks to dig holes that can often lead into home siding, likely hoping to discover acorns they intend to stow away.

Castro was astounded by what he saw when he walked up the wall: acorns piled high, reaching his attic. “They just kept coming and coming,” said an astonished Castro. Miraculously, eight large trash bags were filled with 700 pounds of these nuts – something that had never been seen before!

After harvesting the nuts, Castro took it upon himself to fix any damage caused by the woodpecker with vinyl siding and sealing off all entryways. Hopefully, this will encourage the bird to find a more suitable area for food storage for their efforts not be wasted.

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