Steeven Salvat’s Petite Nature: Bridging Art and Ecology in Urban Spaces

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All images and artworks © Steeven Salvat
  • Steeven Salvat, a French artist, is renowned for integrating natural history into urban landscapes through his detailed insectarium-themed artworks.
  • Salvat's shift to outdoor, large-scale works, including wall pieces and wheat pastes, marks a significant expansion of his artistic repertoire.
  • His latest project, 'Petite Nature', highlights the delicate balance of ecosystems, juxtaposing oversized flora with small fauna.
  • The 'Petite Nature' exhibition is set to open on January 25 at Le Cabinet d'Amateur in Paris, featuring both wall works and smaller drawings.

Steeven Salvat, a visionary in the world of contemporary art, has been transforming urban spaces into portals to the natural world. His latest project, 'Petite Nature', is a captivating exploration of the symbiosis between art, science, and history. Salvat's work, known for its intricate detail and profound thematic depth, has garnered widespread acclaim, particularly for its ability to bring a touch of natural history into the everyday hustle of city life.

Merging Urban Spaces with Natural History

Over the past few years, Salvat has crafted an extensive collection of artwork featuring gem- and mechanic-encrusted beetles and butterflies. This 'insectarium' serves not just as a display of artistic prowess but also as a reminder of the intrinsic value of these tiny creatures. By placing these artworks in urban settings, Salvat bridges the often-overlooked gap between bustling city life and the delicate wonders of nature.

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The Evolution of Salvat's Artistic Journey

Recently, Salvat has ventured into the realm of public art, taking his meticulous linework to grander scales. His transition to creating outdoor pieces, whether through acrylic painting or wheat paste application, has been seamless. Each piece, whether it’s a depiction of a field mouse's smooth fur or the intricate plumage of a bird in flight, resonates with the same level of detail and sensitivity as his smaller works.

'Petite Nature': A Call to Ecological Awareness

A significant aspect of Salvat's recent work, including the 'Petite Nature' project, is its environmental message. By pairing oversized renditions of dried flowers with miniature fauna, Salvat seeks to awaken public consciousness about the fragility of ecosystems. This project serves as a poignant commentary on the impact of urbanization on natural habitats, particularly grasslands and water sources.

Upcoming Exhibition: A Must-Visit Event

Art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike are eagerly anticipating the upcoming 'Petite Nature' exhibition at Le Cabinet d’Amateur in Paris, opening on January 25. This exhibition promises a comprehensive view of Salvat's recent works, ranging from large wall pieces to more intimate drawings on paper. It is an opportunity not just to witness Salvat's artistic evolution but also to engage with the powerful environmental themes at the heart of his work.


Steeven Salvat's 'Petite Nature' is more than an art exhibition; it's a profound exploration of the intersection between urban development and natural preservation. Through his exceptional artistry, Salvat invites us to reconsider our relationship with the natural world and the impact of our urban footprint.

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