Marija Tiurina: Transforming Public Spaces with Vibrant Murals

The artist’s first “mobile mural” in Lithuania in 2023
  • Marija Tiurina, a Netherlands-based illustrator, has expanded her artistic repertoire to include large-scale murals.
  • Her works often address themes of self-care, mental health, and community issues, blending whimsy with deeper messages.
  • Tiurina's mural in Carballo, Spain, highlighted the refugee crisis and the concept of home.
  • She approaches each project with an intuitive and adaptive mindset, embracing the unique challenges of mural painting.
  • Tiurina recently joined Palette Stars, enhancing her journey in collaborative street and mural art.

Marija Tiurina, an accomplished Netherlands-based illustrator, is transforming the way we experience public art. Best known for her diverse range of projects – from intricate watercolors to engaging puzzles and captivating stereograms – Tiurina has recently ventured into the realm of large-scale mural art, a significant and growing facet of her artistic practice.

Community center mural in St. Malo, France.

The Philosophy of Accessibility in Art

At the core of Tiurina's work is a powerful maxim: art should be accessible to everyone. This belief fuels her passion for mural art, allowing her to share her vision on a grand scale. The experience, as Tiurina describes, is akin to "conquering a giant and befriending something way beyond your own size." It's a testament to her belief in the transformative power of art in public spaces.

Mural Art: A Canvas for Societal Themes

In her murals, Tiurina weaves in themes prevalent in her smaller works, with a particular focus on self-care, mental health, and relatable societal issues. For instance, her mural in Carballo, Spain, is not just an artistic expression but a poignant commentary on the refugee crisis and the universal longing for home and community.

A mural on the side of a building portraying numerous figures carrying a house roof. “Forward Together” (2022) for Rexenera Festival in Carballo, Spain

In St. Malo, France, Tiurina transformed a local community center with a mural that exudes warmth and comfort. This piece, featuring a vibrant flower receiving tender care, embodies her view of self-care and communal support as magical acts that can heal the world.

Intuition and Adaptability in Artistic Creation

a river running through a city
“Forward Together” (2022) for Rexenera Festival in Carballo, Spain

Tiurina approaches mural painting as an adventure, guided by intuition and adaptability. She believes that every wall has its unique character and challenges, making each project a distinct experience. This approach ensures that her murals are not just artworks but reflections of the environment and community they inhabit.

a graffiti covered wall
Part of a three-wall mural for IBUG Fest 2023 in Leipzig, Germany

Collaborative Ventures and Future Projects

Tiurina's artistic journey is taking an exciting turn with her recent induction into Palette Stars, a collective of European street and mural artists. This collaboration opens doors to new possibilities, allowing her to explore her craft alongside other talented artists. Her future projects, eagerly anticipated by her followers, promise to be as diverse and impactful as her current portfolio.

A mural on the side of a building portraying numerous figures carrying a house roof. “Forward Together” (2022) for Rexenera Festival in Carballo, Spain
a sign on the side of a building
Details of “The Journey of a Light” in progress

Stay Connected with Marija Tiurina

To witness the evolution of Tiurina's art and stay updated on her latest projects, her website and Behance page are treasure troves of her work. Additionally, her Instagram profile offers a glimpse into her creative process and upcoming endeavors.

a man standing in front of a building
Collaboration with Nikola Mihajlovic in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2023