5 Smart Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by a Moving Company

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Do you know authorities register thousands of customer complaints against mover companies every year? Well, a lot of these inconveniences could have been avoided if the customers were a little more careful.

If they asked the companies to come clean with them, they could have avoided the misfortune. Don’t worry; you don’t have to repeat their mistake, following are a few things you need to confirm before signing a moving company.

Understand How They Work

Before you compare different movers, you have to understand the fact that not all companies are the same. They perform at different levels, some are great, and some can be horrible. Therefore, you must research before you sign a deal.

For best results, have at least three different companies visit your home, and get a quote. You need to be confident about whom you are dealing with. Ask for a price, and remember prices can be different from one vendor to another. It’s an advantage to meet the team in person, and learn how they work.

Don’t Depend on Online Quotes

To ensure everything goes right, you have to see the movers in person. This is a good starting dialogue with a moving company. You can contact them via phone, email, etc. After that, invite the mover to your home and let him have a look at things you want to move. After they are done, ask for a written quote.

Online quotes are useless in most cases. They are just an attraction. Even if you don’t have many items, once your stuff is loaded, the team can ask you for more money. So, it’s better to invite them to your house and get a written estimate including everything.

Watch for Warning Signs

When a mover wants to bilk a customer, they work in a recognizable pattern. These signals are a red flag, and you need to watch out for them:

  • The movers demand a costly upfront
  • They refuse to offer information about their address, insurance or license
  • They answer their phone instead of a company number
  • Their vehicles are rental and don't have their insignia on themselves
  • They claim affordable rates include everything including move and insurance
  • They sound too good to be true

They rush you into signing the deed

Don’t Fall for Cost Savers

 In most cases, people who complain about the quality of a moving company fall victim to the lower prices. Despite the price, you must know what’s included in the package and not. You need to ask a few questions and write down the answers to your quote.

You need to ask for what’s included in the package including moving, storage, packing, wrapping, packing material, protection, insurance, etc. You also need to ask about hidden charges, extra charges, any exclusives, and God knows what else. You need to ask about all these queries and write them down.

Plan Ahead

You will be best served by demenagementadt.ca if you plan everything before the move. If you do this at last minute, chances are you will have a horrible experience. So, for your sake, be smart and plan of the big day.